Adria Twins are the ‘go-to reference’ vehicles for buyers seeking
state-of-the-art design panel-van based campers.

What’s New!

The first Twins brought innovation to the mainstream, then ingenious ‘pop-top’
accommodation came with the Twin Sports models. Now, there’s more choice of base vehicle, new extra-large SunRoof XL and new panoramic-window solutions, new layouts and a
stylish new special edition Twin Sports - keeping Adria campervans in front of the rest.

Design. Twins started the trend with contemporary interiors and the original, Adria exclusive SunRoof and front panoramic window. Twin Sports brought the most ingenious pop-top roof mechanisms and extra berths.

Innovation. Twin Supreme was the first campervan with the innovative SunRoof, which transforms the interior space. There are many copies but now, new window solutions in Supreme and Plus models, ensure this campervan still reigns supreme.  
Twin Sports in two lengths, brought unique single pivot opening mechanism or scissor system for the smart pop-top, which integrates with roof top solar panels and aircon units.

Choice. Now Twins and Twin Sports can be on either the Fiat Ducato or the Citroen Jumper (in most markets) so you can choose engines, gearbox, exterior colours and driving aids.

Layouts. Twins are always there first, with the best-selling SLB models, great for families. The 640 SGX models brought super flexible rear space and electrically-operated bed – an instant best-seller!  Now check out the new Twin 600 SX and 600 SBX models.
Twin Sports offers a range of family and sports-oriented layouts too. The 640 SG is perfect for outdoor sports enthusiasts, with its custom storage features.

©Niklas Söderlund - @nattesferd
Twins - what's new?

More space, more light, more air

The latest Twins offer a new optional SunRoof XL adding more headroom, light and ventilation to all Supreme models. Measuring 1,1 m x 90 cm, it adds so much light and up-to 10 cm more headroom.
On Plus models you can also now choose a fixed front panoramic window.

Optional Equipment

Here’s some cool new equipment to consider:

New Twin Sports pop-top insulated ‘tent’ and heated mattress.

New Twin/Twin Sports rear doors mosquito net and darkening system.

New Power Packs, with solar cells, lithium battery and inverter.  

Twin Sports 640 SG special storage racks.

Adria MACH smart application available on selected models.

Twin Layouts
The best-selling Twins are available on the Fiat Ducato or the Citroen Jumper (in most markets) as Supreme, Plus and Axess models, in a choice of layouts.  

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Twin Sports - what's new?

Great for families and sporty people, these innovative pop-top models are the hottest campervans right now. Now available on the Fiat Ducato or Citroen Jumper (in most markets) with one new layout too.