How to Design an Award-Winning Caravan

by Andrew Ditton

Independent journalist Andrew Ditton takes a look behind the scenes to discover what inspires the award-winning design and technology that goes into the creation of every Adria Caravan. With a new Altea on the Horizon, he takes a closer look at the Adora and the Alpina. 

As I look around the campsite I am staying at right now in Scotland, I see a sea of caravans that all look and feel the same… and an Adria Adora. There it sits, different to all the others, effortlessly oozing dignified sophistication. I can’t put my finger on exactly why it looks so good. Is it the elegant shape of the body? That sweeping front panel with discreet aerodynamic enhancements? The beautiful integration of form and function? I’m not alone in admiring the effortless chic of an Adria caravan.  

"Nearly one in every ten new caravans sold last year in Europe wears the Adria badge," 

explains Erna Povh, Adria’s Caravan Program Manager

"That success is a reflection of Adria’s focus on caravan design, innovation and the caravanning experience." 

Herself a keen caravanner, Erna once joked with me that the biggest critics of her caravans’ design are her five children. Erna’s kids, together with a highly skilled design team, never stop innovating and improving the design of Adria’s caravans. Adora and Alpina each recently won a European Innovation Award (EIA). These Awards are judged by editorial teams from over a dozen caravanning publications throughout Europe, from Sweden to Spain, France to Poland, and everywhere in between.  

According to Erna, it takes anything between 18 and 24 months to design a caravan and bring it to market. Adria’s new generation Adora, Alpina and now Altea are outcomes of intensive design research focused on a deep exploration of customer’s needs. The new generation models build on Adria’ extensive history and expertise in making caravans and apply inspired design, to the exteriors, interiors and especially to the details.

‘Independent Awards prove to the design team that they’re doing a great job,’ says Erna, ‘but customer feedback is more important to us in our design process. We listen, and we act.’  

Adria has become recognized in last decade through many unique, ‘Adria signature features’ on its caravans. These are the strongest recognized and valued by consumers. And every new product should own some signature, innovative, not just new, features. Adria don’t follow short-lived trends either. Interiors are therefore timeless and bring a home-style feeling with many details that give aesthetical and emotional value. 

The company strives to always design contemporary and really functional spaces, that work. Every detail has a role and can make a bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom more practical and enjoyable or not. This and many inspired solutions to ensure the caravans are even more appreciated. As an independent reviewer, I decided to take a closer look at Adora and Alpina, to discover what makes them so special.  

award-winning caravans

Designed Around You.

The Adora, the first new generation caravan from Adria which followed the unique Astella and you can see it benefitted from this extraordinary vehicle. The inspired aerodynamic, clean design exterior profile with aerodynamic wind diffusers which look stylish and aid towing and fuel consumption.  

"We sought expert outside help from the aero industry to help us achieve a more aerodynamic caravan and the Adora’s clean design omits unnecessary plastic clutter, and fully integrates the design of Hella [road lights] with the rear wall." 

explains Erna

Adria’s best-selling caravan, the new generation Adora, is best-known for its clean, aerodynamic exterior design, large front in-line panoramic window (on most layouts) and elegant, comfortable interiors. It’s a winner of the European Innovation Award for exterior design.  

2022 European Innovation Award winner in category 'exterior design'.

As I look out at the Adora I’m sharing a campsite with, I cannot argue. It looks nothing short of stunning, but in a refined and discreet way. You can instantly appreciate that good design is in Adria’s DNA by the way the lines seamlessly flow, and the obvious integration that Erna mentions. This is a caravan with class.  

Adora Layouts
Available in a choice of layouts, including feature layout 613 PK which us great for families, with Adria exclusive design, additional rear living accommodation. You can choose from a selection of textiles and soft-furnishings.  

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award-winning caravans

Designed for Peak Performance. 

The Alpina, a best-seller in many European markets bringing not just outstanding comfort and a dash of Scandinavian-inspired cool, it’s the high specifications and high-performance character, which buyers seek out. The new generation Alpina is the latest evolution of a winning formula and it has just won the European Innovation Award 2022 for ‘Best Overall Concept’. 

"Alpina is designed for peak performance for experienced users, so we worked hard on subtle yet crucial aspects of design such as airflow, lighting, comfort, and elegance"

Erna tell me

Where to begin? It’s hard to pinpoint what makes Alpina so special because, quite simply, design and practicality effortlessly combine and produce an emotional response rather than a rational explanation.

2022 European Innovation Award winner in category 'Overall concept caravan'.

ALPINA Layouts
Available in a choice of layouts, including feature layout 663 PT, with innovative compact panoramic door for indoor-outdoor living. You can choose from a selection of textiles and soft-furnishings. 

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